Information About our Company and Website

This site has been set up to help new and existing landlords find the right insurance at the best prices. There are many specialist companies offering insurance services in the UK together with all the main price comparison websites that advertise on the television.

You need to ensure that not only you cover the basics such as the buildings (which may already be covered in your leasehold agreement if you have a flat or apartment – but probably not with freeholds) but also the contents of the place you are renting out.

You will need to covered if there is damage to the property such as burst pipes or a fire but also if the tenants damage the contents you have provided them and also if your tenants refuse to pay for whatever reason. There are additional types of insurance that are available and these are all explained on this site.

If you have any questions about this site or the insurance for landlords in general then please feel free to contact us on the appropriate page.

We hope that the information available enables you to have trouble free existance as a landlord that already has tenants and that the insurance covers all eventualities. This site is for informational purposes only and is not regulated by the financial services authority. You should undertake your own research and any quotes are not to be deemed as financial advice or a recommendation in any way.